We Try the Craziest Desserts Ever Created by Delish (Cheat Day)

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We’re back in the Delish Kitchen and we are taking the sweets up a notch! Drew and Sinead are trying some insane dessert recipes from Delish’s new cookbook including cookie dough brownies, Moscow mule cupcakes, and more!

Preorder Delish's new cookbook "Insane Sweets" Here! ►► https://amzn.to/2ltqcI7

What We Tried ►►
Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies http://bit.ly/2llNM9R
Moscow Mule Cupcakes http://bit.ly/2mzOhgp
Sorting Hat Cupcakes http://bit.ly/2lxV0aL
Santa’s Trash Cookies http://bit.ly/2lufUaA
Cookie Dough Brownies http://bit.ly/2n23ffC
Death By Chocolate Brownies http://bit.ly/2l0MPDG

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