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Gyva, the Grandmother of Pocahontas, tells her grandchild that the time for her destiny to unfold has arrived; Hopi-Ho, the young Hopi Shaman, has set out on a journey for her. Together, they are destined to impart a message to all the people and tribes of the continent which the Great Spirit gave them: "Everybody will have to endure centuries of defeat, mortification, and humiliation, but should be strong and resist... A time will come when all mankind will accept the Indian way of life, and everyone will live peacefully, respecting Mother Nature. The two thus leave together, with the sacred animals. They first travel north, when, after a while, they then encounter Moc, a young Mohican who, with his lynx, joins them.
Canale fantastico pieno di cartoni magici. Animazione da tutto il mondo, migliaia di episodi, avventure infinite! Dai un'occhiata alle nostre playlist, iscriviti e divertiti!
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