MEAN GIRLS Themed Food w/ Jonathan Bennett! (Cheat Day)

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IF YOU'RE READING THIS - COMMENT YOUR FAVE MEAN GIRLS QUOTE!! Get in losers – it’s October 3 (AKA Mean Girls Day) and Jonathan Bennett (AKA Aaron Samuels) is joining us to try some of the hump day treats from the BURN COOKBOOK! Soooo fetch.

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Today on Cheat Day we’re having an awesome time eating awesome Mean Girls-themed foods and soaking up the awesomeness that is Mean Girls/Food Network star Jonathan Bennett AND the “The Burn Cookbook” that he co-wrote with celebrity chef Nikki Martin!!

This isn’t a regular cookbook, it’s a COOL cookbook. We got a taste of all the rainbow & smile-filled recipes – with punny foods like “Whatever, I’m Getting Cheese Fries” and “Your Angel Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back" – you’ll find inside!!

Throw the GROOLEST Mean Girls party or just feed your Inner Plastic (don’t worry, it’s All Carb Diet friendly.)


Grab Jonathan's book & some other Mean Girls goodies here: http://bit.ly/ClevverMeanGirls



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